Honest or not, what I find truly shocking is how insulting it is. The 1999 house hippo flattered the intellect of the audience, whereas the 2019 version essentially tells them they they're too stupid to think for themselves. This may or may not be true - in some cases it certainly is, in others it isn't - but that's beside the point, really. It isn't just that the authorities are no longer encouraging "critical thinking" (did they ever?) but that they now feel comfortable just openly telling their remaining viewership that they're stupid.

The 1999 version was a slick salesman buttering up the mark. The 2019 version is an abusive spouse hammering away at her victim's self esteem.

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Right now I’m reading “The Revolt of the Public and the Crisis of Authority in the New Millennium” by Martin Gurri. Extremely insightful. I’m only part-way done but I think it fits in with precisely what you’re laying out here.

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We are ruled by antiwhite devils. The blatant evil we are faced with is almost unbelievable.

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"Democratisation is a threat to democracy"

Gave me a chuckle.

They're planning for a future population with an average IQ of 80, courtesy of Africa, who will be incapable of critical thinking.

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"At the same time, it has to be noted that there is an assumption implicit in making PSA films like this, even the 1999 version. To see a need for such films is to believe that the public have a tendency not to think for themselves, not to be skeptical, not to question what they are told. You could almost conclude that what we really need is a new public - a new genetic group that has been shorn of these tendencies towards gormlessness and stupidity. Such a public would be harder to control, but easier to admire."

We could have that, but it would take eugenics, and then we'd have to judge people by their genetic qualities, which is anathema to our reigning ideology.

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