You've nailed it. Like the War on Terror or the War on Hate, the War on Climate is a perfect tool for a great number of reasons. It is pervasive, subtle in its effects (and therefore impossible to disprove), and since carbon comes from essentially everything it therefore gives license to control everything. Even better, the war can never be won. The moment we relax, carbon increases, the climate destabilizes, and doomsday once again threatens. Like Aztec priests demanding blood sacrifices to ensure the Sun will rise, the need for more blood never goes away - sure the Sun rose today, but what about tomorrow?

Thus the regime sees in organic chemistry the perfect tool too justify all-pervading, perpetual control.

Personally I think there's also an even deeper, symbolic level to it. Carbon and nitrogen are essential to life. Warmth, too, is essential to life. By setting society at war with the stuff of life, the elites enlist the masses, symbolically, in a war on life.


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I remember way back in the memory hole that Covid-19 was originally called “Corona Virus.” However people had stopped buying Corona Beer and panic ensued (from the producers of such product) so they had to change the name to Covid-19! Sort of like changing the name of all the climate emergencies to the oxymoron that encompasses them all ‘Climate Change.’ What a world we live in when those that can see thru this bullshit are looked upon as rebellious but those who go along are rewarded. One thing I’ve learned in this life is that you cannot fix stupid!

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Just before lockdowns, as everyone was starting to get nervous about coronavirus, I took a case of Corona to a normie friend's BBQ. Quite deliberately. I'm an asshole that way.

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Haha, I've taken to drinking Corona the last year or two. I never used to.

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I follow tonyheller who is on Bitchute and many other video channels and he uses their own data fiddling against them e.g. how NASA back in the late 90's suddenly changed their past temperature histories which were broadly correct and for example showed the warming of the 1920's and 30's that led to the "Grapes of Wrath" drought experiences in the US and elsewhere and the cooling of the 1960's up to the 80's which many people actually remember and which has all been removed from NASA's new temperature data. As he says the best way to beat them is to show they are fiddling with the data in a way that no one telling the truth ever needs to do.

Here is a link to the data changing that Al Gore was involved in pretending that the CO2 rose before the temperature whereas it was always the other way round for billions of years but Tony has done many many more in depth reports on this and generally showing how he can always find more extreme weather decades before CO2 was ever supposed to have taken effect. https://www.bitchute.com/video/1-_u7j7Cc4U/

And here is one on the fraud that is the hockey stick rise in temperature, the fraud that children are still being taught as truth in Western schools. https://www.bitchute.com/video/3CSrOvAMMKI/

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Thanks for the article, not enough time is spent exposing the climate hoax. All I can say is, are those who are opposed to climate change implicitly in favor of climate stagnation? If so, it puts them at direct odds with nature. It is the most unnatural position to take. We need a counter movement of people showing up at Greta Thunberg events, holding placards and shouting their opposition to climate stagnation. The climate change fanatics will be too dense to realize they are being trolled. And as for COVID, I had suspicions before it ever left China. Remember the videos from Wuhan of people in Hazmat suits scrubbing and spraying the pavement? Many infectious diseases need a vector of some sort to transmit the virus. Have you ever heard of anyone catching a cold from the sidewalk? If someone told you the pavement gave them a sore throat, a cough and a fever what would you think? Yet they were scrubbing the pavement. It was clearly performative and designed to frighten people into submission and obedience. It’s amazing how well the whole thing worked. There must be something wrong with me, it didn’t work.

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An excellent piece, Woes. I would love to hear this read by an AI version of David Attenborough's voice, with some well-chosen images for the video!

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This called to mind the Brass Eye spoof 'heavy electricity', where the programme makers persuaded various celebrities to participate in videos designed to con/influence the public with scare stories of the danger of buildings being crushed by an invisible force.

I can remember all of the environment scares from acid rain onwards. The only time you would hear of such things was from 'official' sources. Literally nobody in my daily life would ever be heard discussing such things with any seriousness. Personal health turned out to be a much more effective conduit through which to make populations internalise a narrative.

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Absolutely fantastic analysis. It reminds me of the alleged 40 decapitated babies. The gravity of the alleged act is so horrible that I wouldn't dare to doubt its veracity. I'd be a monster if I did so. If I were to get access to the evidence and found out, there were only 38 or 24 or 8 or 3 the babies killed or that they were not only fewer babies but they also were killed in any other form e.g. by a bomb and not decapitated, I wouldn't dare to reveal the evidence out of fear of being considered part of the anti-x, the group that is so hateful that we are obliged to hate them. If as a consequence of the lack of evidence accessible to me I were to doubt that any single one of the 40 babies has ever been decapitated, I would definitely be considered a part of the despicable anti-x hate group. Therefore, for mere convenience I blindly accept the veracity of the 40 decapitated babies and pay tribute to the alleged victims, even if I don't know of their existence or where or how that might have happened or let alone have any evidence at all that it has actually happened to 40, 38, 23, 7 or zero babies. The crime is so absolutely despicable that I won't question any detail of the alleged crime and will accept any possible "solution" the powerful might adopt.

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