May 2, 2023

I seem to be gradually creating a set of concepts on this Substack, so I thought it would be useful to have a single place where they are concisely defined. I will also include a few standard terms where I think I can offer a useful definition of my own, or where I think the term is so relevant to my work that it should be included. This page will be kept up to date and “more info” links added as the respective essays are published.


The mystical aura of officialness, quality, stamp of societal approval, etc. that attends a published (and celebrated) work, a famous (and celebrated) person or an official (and celebrated) organisation. Accession is like magic dust; it elevates the thing above any un-Accessioned peers. It cannot be synthesised from nothing, and must be conferred by some person or organisation that already has it. Once a thing has been granted Accession, this is virtually impossible to remove.


This is when the Regime arbitrarily invokes laws in order to simultaneously hinder the law-abiding or well-intentioned and help the law-breaking or ill-intentioned. The result is a chaotic situation in which everyone can see that the good are being punished and the bad rewarded, and the result of this chaos is blind reliance upon the Regime, since it, not history or precedent, is the only possible source of stability.

the Culture Machinery

The anatomy of industries and sectors that generate culture, preserve culture, and regulate the granting of Accession. This would include publishers, production companies, distributors, advertisers, academia, critics and newspaper editors, and some of government. The Culture Machinery is simultaneously decentralised (lots of inter-dependent parts) and hierarchical (all ultimately beholden to high finance).


The religion of the modern West. This covers race, nationality, religion, sex, gender identity, sexual orientation, age, class, and every other way by which humans could be differentiated into groups. All Western people today are expected to believe in equality in all of these ways, and to act on that belief and certainly never on the contrary belief, and there are social, professional and sometimes legal consequences for failing to do so.

“Equality” (with a capital E) is distinguished from “equality” in that the latter is merely a concept while the former is a religion.


The collective processes that streamline the world, merge processes, coordinate institutions into parity and unity, and eliminate distance, geography and history by reducing as far as possible the difficulty in transporting humans, goods and ideas.


The ideology of the modern West. While the word “globalisation” means tangible processes and changes in the arrangements of the world, “globalism” is an abstract thing.

Another key difference is in scope: while globalisation does touch every corner of the world to one extent or another, globalism is much more limited, being confined to North America, Europe, Australia, New Zealand and perhaps a few non-white outposts here and there, such as South Korea.

Globalism, an ideology, operates atop the infrastructure of globalisation and the religion of Equality.


A very rare thing in people, very hard to achieve, much harder than people realise.


The most useful tool when trying to achieve honesty.

incredible range of restaurants!

The thing almost always cited by proponents of multiculturalism as the reason we should want and celebrate it. Usually, they can think of literally no other reason why transforming your country out of recognition is “good”. This is shallow to a degree that only the white middle-class could manage.

But moreover, it is stupid. It is often pointed out, based on a classic British comedy sketch, that we don’t need the immigrants now that they’ve given us the recipes. In truth, we could have got the recipes without a single immigrant ever setting foot on our land.

So the progressive’s one and only justification for multiculturalism is both dishonest and fallacious.


The ability to respond cogently to stimulation.


The people paid to provide the academic or rhetorical justification for society’s current consensus on everything. Sometimes they also shape that consensus, in whole or in part, but these days that seems to be done mostly by technocrats and oligarchs, with the intelligentsia playing the role of post-hoc justifying lackey.


The manner in which every institution works today, to achieve subversion, while ostensibly striving towards some other, noble, goal of which the public would approve.

the pod

An “ideal for living” that is assumed to be favoured by the technocrats for the general public. The pod has everything a consumer needs in order to spend his entire adult life consuming:
- central heating
- waste disposal system
- a (single) bed
- a toilet
- a shower
- possibly a kitchen
- a comfy chair
- a good Internet connection that enables him to occupy himself with trivia. This would be mostly digital services (ie. porn and Netflix/Amazon) but also physical products that get delivered to his pod (eg. food).

With these amenities, the citizen would never need to leave the pod, except for occasional medical interventions.

The only question is where his money comes from; who pays for the pod?


A middle-class version of 1984’s prolefeed; cultural product that is designed purely to waste the time and mental energy of educated people.


A portmanteau of “prestigious” and “vestigial”.

This is when a declining thing (eg. show, person, group, etc.) is artificially maintained, because the prestige it once garnered makes it valuable to the regime. For example, Have I Got News For You is past its time, but it is prestigial.

Star Wars is a prestigial franchise; long perverted and ruined by later instalments, it remains culturally potent because of its original success and the love that was felt for it, and it would remain culturally potent even if it became so sullied by creative abuse that the love for it entirely dried up and it was no longer financially lucrative: it would still be prestigial.

A thing can pass from prestigious to prestigial through lack of energy or innovation or drying up of the core talent (eg. Red Dwarf) or it can be actively transformed through use by the regime as an instrument of subversion. The nihilism of the regime is such that it can only ever convert the prestigious into the prestigial, in one act of creative sacrilege after another.

Further examples would be Doctor Who, James Bond and Lord of the Rings.

the Rainbow

The symbol of the religion of globalism.

the Rainbow Regime

The system of institutions, industries, individuals and social causes that make up the true governance around the West today, maintaining the infrastructure of globalisation and the religion of globalism.


The extended version of love/affection for a thing, when we begin to build a metaphysical role for it in the world and imagine a past and a future for it, perhaps without any evidence, but because we enjoy doing so.


This is what enables you to be honest about the world. It can happen without self-reflection, in the same way that a stopped clock is correct twice a day.

the technocrats

The globalist managers, as prophesied by James Burnham, who administer the Western world, directing corporate and political leaders in the many different nations. Fictitious technocrats include Dr Strangelove, Mustapha Mond and even O’Brien. In the real world, Klaus Schwab is the most prominent technocrat today.